Why You Need To Welcome Pro hormones In Your Bodybuilding Voyage

If your dream is to have a muscular body or you are simply focused at bulking up, there are very many options that you can adopt to start your bodybuilding journey. The most popular options are training and eating a well planned diet. By just accomplishing these two, you could gain firm and bigger muscles. However, to gain quality muscles, you need more than proper diet and training. This is where prohormones come into play.

How a Pro hormone Works

Put simply, prohormones (or pro hormones) are precursors to parent steroids like testosterone. They undergo enzymatic conversions in the body of the user into primary or parent steroid. However, the amount of conversion is limited considering that the process requires certain enzymes.

The process of conversion required and the associated limiting factors make pro hormones quite different from synthetic and traditional steroids. While traditional steroid are not readily available due to legality issues, designer or synthetic steroids are readily available. Synthetic steroids don’t need to be converted and their structures can easily be modified and easily sold to the public.

Prohormones are used by athletes and bodybuilders for the same reasons they opt to take anabolic steroids. They convert to steroids which heighten aggressiveness, increase strength levels, boost muscle building, improve recovery, and boost other androgenic and anabolic characteristics—including negative ones such as male pattern baldness and acne.

Guide to Using Pro Hormones

1. Dietary And Supplement

Assuming that you are eating a healthy diet, it is recommended to increase your intake of proteins to at least 2g per pound of your bodyweight when using prohormones. If you are weighing 200lbs, that would be around 400g of proteins in a day. Considering that almost all legal prohormones are oral in nature, it is also advisable to increase your water intake and use liver protectants such as N-acetyl cysteine and Silymarin alongside 6g of fish oil on a daily basis.

2. Training

Assuming that you are going to take the strongest prohormone, which will quickly boost your muscle mass, you need to increase your training volume accordingly. It is, however, advisable to limit the temptation of increasing weights as you train. Instead, after you are through with your cycle, given the catabolic state that follows after a cycle, reducing your training volume and increasing weight will go a long way in preserving your muscles and strength gains as well as keeping your cortisol hormone levels low. As a general guide, double your normal training volume during your cycle and reduce it by half in the first weeks after your cycle as your body returns to its normal or homeostatic state. In other words, if you are used to doing 10 sets per session, you can double it while on pro hormones and then reduce it to 5 post cycle or until your post cycle estrogen obstructer has finished its task.

Bottom Line

Prohormones are versatile compounds with the capabilities to impart vital gains in your muscle and strength mass. Unfortunately, due to their ready availability, legal status, and exaggerated prohormone reviews, some users tend to abuse them unknowingly. Accordingly, whether you buy prohormones online or off physical stores, it pays to do meticulous research on the background of the supplier. Although pro hormones can be harmful if abused, in the hands of a knowledgeable user, they can create great anabolic environments for increased muscle gains, heightened muscle growth, and better recovery.