What Is Stanozolol And How Is It Used?

Stanozolol is not a new name among the list of FDA-approved steroid supplements. It is one of the oldest and effective steroid supplements and it is still a preferred option in the bodybuilding as well as medical circles. The benefits of Stanozolol are quite vivid within weeks of doping, compared to many of its steroid counterparts.

History of Stanozolol

Stanozolol steroid was first manufactured under the name Winstrol in the early 1950s. It was a synthetic form of testosterone and its anabolic properties were a great benefit to both steroid and non-steroid users. The Stanozolol hormone became commercially famous during the 1988 Olympics when Jamaican born Canadian sprinter, Ben Sinclair Johnson, tested positive of the steroid and got striped of his gold and bronze medals.

Stanozolol steroids are still making headlines to date; most recently, heavyweight Polish boxer Andrzej Wawrzyk tested positive of Stanozolol metabolites hindering his match against Deontay Wilder in February 25th 2017. Despite all these controversies, Stanozolol still stands as a beneficial steroid hormone especially in the medical sector.

Stanozolol in Medical Treatment

Stanozolol steroid mimics the actions of natural testosterone, a hormone responsible for growth in male and bringing forth masculine features. Medics have found a way of magnifying this trait to treat several diseases. Stanozolol has been used in treating patients suffering from bone-degenerating osteoporosis, victims with burns, sicknesses causing muscle atrophy and patients exhibiting side effects from prolonged use of corticosteroids. Stanozolol has also been found to heal fractured bones and treat hormonal-driven obesity.

Stanozolol in the Fitness World

Stanozolol is a favorite ingredient among bodybuilders during the cutting cycle. By definition, the cutting cycle is all about getting rid of the excess fat that may have been gained during the bulking cycle. The result is a leaner looking body with more pronounced muscles and overall physique. Stanozolol not only speeds up fat burning process, it also preserves the already existing lean muscles. They also boost the levels of testosterone in the body creating an ample environment for more muscle growth and a stronger skeletal structure.

Administering Stanozolol

Stanozolol can be administered in two ways: through Stanozolol pills ingested with water or with food and through an injectable steroid hormone. Stanozolol tablets are often preferred as it’s more comfortable. However, a switch to injectable Stanozolol is important if the hormone is to work faster.

Buying Stanozolol

You can buy Stanozolol from local pharmaceutical stores in its many brand names. This is a great way to stock up as you can physically compare every steroid product and see what ingredients they bear.  Stanozolol for sale is available online—being sold by health and bodybuilding websites. Buying online is faster but there is the risk of purchasing counterfeits. Do a quick research on the online product and the website selling it to ensure both are legitimate.


Stanozolol is a popular synthetic form of testosterone. It’s sold under many brand names and it is highly used in both fitness and healthcare circles. Although you can easily buy Stanozolol online, to reap its maximum benefits, beware of the counterfeits that carry harmful side effects.