Deca Durabolin Steroids: History, Structure, Use & Side Effects

Also referred to as Nandrolone Decanoate or simply “Deca,” this compound is only ranked second to testosterone in terms of popularity of all anabolic steroids. Both greenhorn and veteran bodybuilders can buy Deca Durabolin for their regular use, as part of a stack in a given cycle.

Brief History on Deca’s Popularity

Deca derives most of its qualities from its parent steroid, Nandrolone (also called 19-nor). One of the best strengths of Deca is that, unlike testosterone, it doesn’t convert easily to estrogen. The first pharmaceutical injectables to be ever used for muscle mass bulking were testosterone and Nandrolone. The two became very popular within the bodybuilding circles and performing athletes. This was mostly because of their economical value. However, there was no proper control on estrogen hence making low aromatising characteristics of Deca to come in handy. It is for this reason that Deca Durabolin for sale ended up being even more famous than testosterone.

The chemical structure of Deca Durabolin

Deca steroids are manufactured through the alteration of Nandrolone hormone by addition of a Decanoate ester chain on it. The chain comes with two functions: make the hormone oil soluble and slow-release the steroid. Any time it is used for medical reasons, the chief purpose of the ester is to enable Nandrolone to be after every 21 days. But, if you are a bodybuilder, you can inject the steroid as frequently as once in a week.

What is the Dosage of Deca Durabolin?

After ensuring that you only buy Deca from reliable dealer, you can boost your overall dosage of steroids by an addition of 400g of Deca to a testosterone or Dianabol cycle. This can easily be executed without any significant risk of any side effects.

The rate of aromatization of testosterone goes up when your doses are high and this is likely to put you at the risk of retention of gynecomastia, which normally occurs when the amounts of Deca in your body increases.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

When using Deca pills, the only time you can experience side effects is when the amount you are taking is exceeds the amount of testosterone that is used or when the compound is being used on its own. One is normally supposed to stick to a ratio of three parts testosterone to two parts of Nandrolone. You also need to ensure that your Deca dosage doesn’t exceed 400mg.

One of the major problems with any Deca for sale might be the fact that it acts as a substrate to dihydrotestesterone (DHT) whenever testosterone is insufficient. When testosterone in not sufficient, your body might be flooded with Nandrolone potential, which is likely to outpace the quantity of DHT being produced. This might lead to erection problems.

Androgenic Effects of Durabolin

One main merit of the Deca steroid is that it has very mild effects on the scalp and skin. This is due to the fact that the power of Nadrolone is lowered by the 5-alpha enzyme. However, the enzyme hardly affects most of the other anabolic steroids. In fact, the enzyme increases testosterone’s potency. Deca tablets are also known to come with a positive property of mitigating joint pains.


Since you can buy Deca online, it is very easy to acquire your regular dose. However, in spite of its fame, Deca possesses no particular anabolic qualities. The effects realized through use of this particular steroid can easily be achieved by using other anabolic steroids.