Fitness Tips For Office Workers

If you work in an office or sit in front of a computer screen all day, fitness may seem to be an impossible goal. However, there are steps tat you can take to change your routine, and these fitness tips can help even if you don’t have time to stop by the gym on the way home.

Simply changing how you get to and from work should be your first step. If you are lucky enough to be able to cycle to work, cycling is one of the easiest, yet most effective ways to burn calories and keep fit. If you take the bus or train, consider walking to or from the stop that’s slightly further away from your home or office; you can potentially walk several miles each day without disrupting your work routine too much. If you drive to work, park further away from your office, or a few blocks away and walk the remaining distance. You probably jump in the elevator without thinking about it – try taking the stairs to and from your office or desk.

Sitting for long periods simply isn’t good for your health, as numerous studies have shown. If you don’t have sit / stand workstations installed in your office, ask management if that is a realistic option. Otherwise, if you are sitting all day, it is important to get up and walk, or stretch. If practical, get up from your desk every hour or two, even if you are simply walking along the hallway or walking around the building. If your office is large, open plan or is in a building that shares public spaces, it can be easy to incorporate walking in to your routine. And don’t pick up the phone to call that co-worker; instead, walk down the hallway to their office and talk in person. If you have a 30 minute lunch break, don’t spend it sitting at your desk – make sure you get up and do something.

Stretchy cords and hand weights can also be a quick and easy at to incorporate fitness into your work routine while sitting down. A fitness ball can also be used for simple exercises during the work day if time allows. Meeting fitness goals can be challenging for anyone, but even more so if you are string at a screen or answering the phone all day. The fitness tips above can help you to make fitness a daily priority.