Proper Dieting And Training: The Secret To Great Prohormone Stack Gain Optimization

Prohormones rank top among the best bodybuilding supplements. But how do you use them to maximize your muscle gains? When using prohormone stack, it is critical to be cautious because although they are generally safe, they still stimulate your body to produce testosterone beyond the natural limits. For maximum prohormone cycle gains, therefore, you need to carefully plan two important aspects: diet and training.


When you are using prohormone stacks, you need to adjust your diet accordingly. These need not to be major adjustments but should be focused on getting the maximum gains out of a cycle. First and foremost, when beginning a cycle, it is recommended that you adjust your protein intake. Consider drinking loads of milk, eating more chicken, having extra shakes or whatever it takes to pump in more proteins. This applies whether your goal is having lean muscle gains or burning fat.

Prohormones boosts protein synthesis, which means that when you are stacking, more proteins will be channeled towards building muscles. Accordingly, taking more proteins will translate to more muscle gains. Additionally, protein boosts your metabolism. When looking for optimum fat loss, therefore, increasing your protein intake will go a long way in getting you shredded as you build muscles at the same time.

When you are focused at cutting, your carbohydrates shouldn’t be very high. However, because many people fear that they may lack energy when working out, most of them opt to up their carbs intake—of course the result is slower fat loss. The truth is, a prohormone will give you an energy boost during your workouts ; you can, therefore, decrease your carbs intake and still have enough energy during training.

At the end of a prohormone cycle, however, it is recommended to up your carbs intake to counter the lack of energy as a result of low carbs. You can maintain your protein intake for a short while when cutting, but when building your muscles, lowering your protein intake at this stage is highly recommended; otherwise it will just be a waste considering that your protein synthesis is slowly returning to its normal levels.


When you are on a prohormone cycle, you are likely to workout harder and for longer than before—which isĀ  fine considering the fact that increased focus will help you realize your goals. The only change when beginning a cycle is to increase your preps a bit—a maximum of 12-15. If you were initially doing 5 sets, it isn’t advisable to continue with the same rep scheme. Although you will continue to gain strength, at the end of your cycle, your strength will definitely drop and you will gradually lose your confidence and even muscle. There is some light at the end of the tunnel though; high reps implies that you will need to use less weight but still gain strength and grow muscles, all thanks to the power of prohormones.

As you come off the cycle, you need to lower the reps to around 6-8 to allow you do more weights and still stress your muscles enough to continue maximizing gains (albeit at a slower rate). What’s more, you will continue to burn fat consistently.


There is more to optimizing the benefits of your cycle than merely going for the best prohormone stacks in the market. Although poor dieting and training will still deliver some results, you can maximize your gains when you couple the best prohormone stack’s with a well planned cycle.