Essential Facts About The Parabolan Steroid

Every ml of Parabolan carries 100m of a compound known as Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. This is a fairly popular anabolic steroid amongst athletes and bodybuilders, especially due to the fact that its production, in most countries, legally stopped in 1997; a fact that makes it kind of a legend amongst its users. What this means is that most of the users tend to turn to the underground market and online outlets to get their dose of this particular anabolic steroid. Trenbolone, the main component inside this particular steroid, is a very famous compound to users due to its abilities and strength in muscle mass enhancement.

Since the industrial production of this anabolic steroid, through its original manufacturer, ceased in the year 1997, the primary manufacturers of the steroid in many countries are what are commonly referred to as Underground Laboratories (UGLs). However, rumor has it that the steroid continues to be produced pharmaceutically by unnamed pharmaceutical companies across the world. But, according to experts, any of the steroids in market purporting to be originating from the initial manufacturer must be taken with a pinch of salt.

The Underground Labs versus Pharmaceutical Grade Parabolan

As a matter of fact, users who are seeking to buy Parabolan are likely to be confronted with two possibilities: either get the pharmaceutical grade steroid or land the underground lab (UGL) grade of the same steroid.

1. Pharmaceutical Grade

These steroids are industrially manufactured by pharmaceutical companies or corporations, which are legally established and run. The products are specifically meant to be sold and used, for medical purposes, on the prescription market. Such companies manufacturer their products under the supervision of internationally recognized bodies such as FDA, which see to it that the right sterility, manufacturing operations as well as dosing procedures are strictly followed. The manufacturing process is done in high level facilities, and as one would expect, the end product is of superb quality. This is only likely to happen in countries where the drug is legal.

The only downside of the pharmaceutical grade steroids might be the cost. The price is understandably high due to factors such as the need for hi-tech equipment as well as the facilities used in the manufacturing process, not forgetting the highly qualified and paid employees manning the facilities. All these operations costs are without doubt quite expensive, hence the high cost. Due to their superior quality, pharmaceutical grade steroids are highly sought after. It is for this reason that they are also prone to a very high rate of fraud and counterfeiting in the black market.

2. Underground Laboratory Grade (UGL)

Most of the Trebolone steroids in the market are manufactured in the underground laboratories; hence they are of UGL grade. This is because the products might be illegal in most countries, while they are legal in some. In countries where the products are not legal, athletes and bodybuilders get Parabolan for sale from the underground market.


As an athlete or bodybuilder, it is always imperative to ensure that you do your research well to know whether the type of anabolic steroid you are about to purchase is legal in your country, and whether the rules in your line of sports allow its consumption, before you go ahead to purchase it from a certified supplier and commence your dosage.