Superdrol Steroids For Dummies

Superdrol is an anabolic steroid. Anabolic steroids are steroidal androgen like testosterone that include non-artificial androgen like testosterone and steroid synthetic substance. Superdrol contains active steroidal hormone methyldrostanolone. They are similar to the male hormone testosterone and can treat delayed puberty and other effects of low testosterone. Superdrol in real essence is a brand name for an anabolic steroid that you can buy over the counter. You can buy Superdrol as a prohormone or nutritional supplement.

Superdrol has been in the market for a long time having emerged in late 1950s.It was first developed as a tumor fighting drug before it was discovered to have high androgenic and anabolic traits. It was made legal in 2005 but following the rate at which body builder used it the anti-doping society had to intervene which led to its ban in 2006. This has subsequently led to so many clones emerging.


-Boost size and mass gains.
-Improve overall body strength
-Boost nitrogen retention and protein synthesis
-Can be used without anti estrogen
-Does not have much androgenic activity compared to its counterparts which basically mean water retention is not a problem.
-Can yield up to 30 pounds of lean muscle in 4 weeks
-Acts really fast.
-It is an oral anabolic so needles are not involved.
-Dieting athletes can use it for calorific deficit. It ensures that the body not only loses fat but lean tissue is preserved.

Side effects

-Can cause liver complication especially when used without proper on cycle support and post cycle therapy. It should be taken in low dosage at the start of the cycle and should be taken with daily food.
-Cramping/painful pumps on the lower back.
-Painful shin splints which may make cardio a bit difficult.
-Possible loss of libido near the end of the cycle.
-loss of hair for those who are predisposed to patterns of male baldness.
-body hair growth for women
-Natural testosterone suppression to all men who use steroids


Superdrol for me is 10mg to 40mg per day which is taken in a span of 4 to 8 weeks cycle, this also depends on your weight and training level. (It should be taken with meals.) A steroid stacking agent with inclusion of an exogenous testosterone supplement, complements it promoting quick mass gains, minimal fat gain and fast fat loss. It allows body builders to train much more efficiently and recover faster between workouts. It is most effective when used during bulking cycle. Due to its counter diuretic effect it is advisable to consume a lot of water when you are on Superdrol.
People with high cholesterol and existing liver problems are not advised to use this steroid. Though superdrol is no longer sold over counters, you can buy superdrol online in various sites however it’s not that common. Superdrol is not detectable in drug tests and it is believed that most athletes have takenit as a performance enhancing drug.
Although it is no longer legalĀ  in the US there are almost similar forms such as Dymethazine that are still legal there.Despite this you can get superdrol for sale online from vendor or pharmaceuticals that are located in countries where it is legal.